Applying For College



We can help you apply to college.

Junior year

Enroll in McLennan County CAP.

Juniors who enroll and complete five tasks by July will earn a $50 gift card!

Use social media to your advantage.

Interact with colleges through their social media. Review your social media accounts and make sure you do not have inappropriate pictures and content because admission officers may view them. Set up a simple, conventional email address for college related correspondence and check it regularly.

Keep relevant dates, deadlines, and appointments on a central calendar.

It is extremely important to meet all deadlines, including financial aid, scholarship, and admission applications due dates. Enroll in McLennan County CAP and receive a free student planner!

Set aside money for fees.

Fees are required to take the ACT and SAT tests and to submit college applications. These can sometimes be waived so check with your guidance counselor.

Create a resume.

A well written resume with a professional appearance lets the admission officer learn about your interests and accomplishments.

Begin composing your essays.

Your essays should be written only by you and in direct response to the specific question/prompt from the college or centralized admission applications.

Take SAT and/or ACT.

Take ACT or SAT in the fall and retake in the spring if you think your scores can be improved. Most colleges will accept scores from either test.

Senior year

Complete McLennan County CAP requirements.

All students who complete the tasks will be entered into a drawing for a $2,500 college scholarship!

Ask teachers, counselors, employers, and other adults to write recommendations.

Provide them with your resume and the colleges’ directions for submission well in advance of the due dates.

Complete Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA)

You must complete this to receive federal financial aid. The application should be submitted as soon as possible after October 1.

Apply for scholarships

Scholarships are money from private and nonprofit entities, including colleges, that does not have to be repaid and can be based on financial need or merit, such as academic, musical, and athletic abilities.

Apply to colleges

Begin applying to the colleges that you are interested in attending between August and November. You may apply to as many as you would like, but consider the application fees and possible additional essays.

Review financial aid award letter

After you have submitted the FAFSA, colleges will send you letters letting you know of the amount of financial aid they will be able to provide.

Accept the college of your choice.

The college you accept should be notified by May 1 that you intend to attend. You will be asked to pay fees and deposits for them to hold a place for you.

Request final high school transcript be sent to college of choice.

You must request that your high school submit a transcript with your final high school grades to the college that you have chosen.



“I am a first generation college student and CAP made sure that I was on the right path to furthering my education. I am so thankful that there is a program out there such as CAP!”

Keenya Brown
Participant, McLennan County CAP